RSC  Mission: 

To ensure that all skaters have the opportunity to define and reach their own personal level of success.

RSC ​​​Rules and Regulations 

​​​​​Respect the rights of other skaters. Be constantly aware of who is around you. Strive to avoid collisions. 
If you should fall, GET UP QUICKLY! Remember other skaters will have a much harder time seeing you when you are down low on the ice. Learn to fall properly so you can protect your head as much as possible. Keep your fingers away from your blades and keep “loose” when falling to avoid body injuries.


Helmets are mandatory for all Pre Can-Skaters, CanS-katers and Can-Power Skaters up to and including Stage 5. It must be a CSA approved helmet. Skater should wear clothing that allows for safe movement on ice but that is NOT too baggy or long or has anything dangling that may cause serious injury to you or other skaters. Long hair should be put up.

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